Monitor Global Transportation Networks

Build solutions that enable global transportation networks to run smoothly, efficiently, and as planned by monitoring and detecting anomalies.

Geospatial projects in transportation face a number of challenges

Vast data requirements

Vast data requirements

To monitor transportation routes in increasingly global transport networks, you must access and analyze imagery for often very large areas of interest.

Many data types

Many data types

Transportation analysis is enriched by using multiple different data types, from satellite imagery to AIS data. Access to disparate data sources can be a challenge.

Real-time nature of decisions

Real-time nature of decisions

Conditions in transportation networks and supply chains can change in an instant. Insights derived from geospatial analysis must then be up-to-date and relevant.



Build geospatial products for transportation

Apply a range of pre-processing and analytical capabilities to high-resolution satellite data to build solutions for supply chain monitoring, vessel detection, and encroachment detection.

  • Access a vast library of archive imagery or task a satellite
  • Process imagery with change or object detection algorithms
  • Feed prediction results or imagery into your products via API

Use case spotlight

Monitor activity and risks at supply chain hubs with UP42

Access high-resolution satellite imagery

Task regular imagery of critical locations in your supply chain. Access that imagery in the UP42 console, integrated into your cloud storage, or via API in your own tools.

Monitor activity and risks in your supply chain

Run your satellite imagery through processing algorithms to detect change and count the number of objects of interest, such as trucks, storage tanks, and more.

Combine insights into your monitoring tools

Integrate the outputs of your change and object detection algorithms into analytics tools, existing supply chain management software, or alert systems - all via API.


Additional transportation use cases built with UP42


The building blocks for transportation solutions

Archive and tasked imagery

Archive and tasked imagery

Access a vast archive of optical and radar satellite imagery, alongside future tasked imagery at up to a 0.5 m resolution.

AIS, elevation, and weather data

AIS, elevation, and weather data

With much more than just satellite imagery, the UP42 marketplace allows you to augment your regular satellite analyses.

Object detection algorithms

Object detection algorithms

Our marketplace caters to your analytics requirements, from the detection and identification of ships to the detection and counting of trucks.

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