Enhance your data with processing algorithms.

  • The cloud-native asset model (CNAM) enhances all UP42 assets from a tasking or catalog order by transforming them into individual geospatial features that are ready for immediate download. Regardless of provider or delivery format, UP42 automatically transforms assets into a standard model, without any additional steps. This common model is further improved by converting raster data into cloud-optimized GeoTIFFs and vector masks into GeoJSONs. CNAM ensures interoperability and eases integration by removing the need to learn different data formats, delivery structures, and naming conventions. Users now have a simplified process of searching, visualizing, and downloading data.
  • Coming back soon: currently not available. Performs automatic detection and correction of sub-pixel misalignments between remote sensing datasets.
  • Coming back soon: currently not available. Detection and matching of features from satellite images.
  • Coming back soon: currently not available. Performs histogram normalization and denoising (optional) on one (or more) images in preparation for further processing such as change detection.
  • Pansharpening is an image fusion technique that merges high resolution panchromatic images with lower-resolution multispectral images to yield a single high spatial and high spectral resolution image. With UP42, you can easily convert your data into a pansharpened product through a streamlined process that requires only a few clear steps.
  • Coming back soon: currently not available. Generate an RGBA Image where the histogram of colors is equalized.
  • An algorithm that improves the spatial resolution of Pléiades Neo imagery from 30 cm to 10 cm. Upsampling can be used as a pre-processing step before change detection, vegetation detection, infrastructure detection, fire risk estimation, and land use management.
  • Coming back soon: currently not available. Increase spatial resolution of urban locations by 4 times.

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