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Remotely monitor fields for crop identification and health, yield estimation, disaster assessment, and precision crop care for water, nutrients, and pests.


Streamline crop management and yield more value

Agriculture is of huge economic significance across the globe. Today, real-time, reliable information on crop development is essential to support the transition towards maximizing efficiency and sustainable production. Satellite imagery provides valuable insights into crop growth and development. Radar monitoring enables weather-proof analysis during high cloud cover, while optical sensors differentiate crop type, health, and maturity.

Proactive crop monitoring for agricultural insurance purposes is now possible with UP42 through the latest satellite information and high-speed, scalable cloud-computing. Gain competitive insights with advanced analytics on crop performance. Receive early warning of crop failure or farmine. Uncover relationships in data and respond to potential pest or disease threats and nutrient or water deficiencies.

Increase crop production, mitigate risk of damage, and make farming more sustainable with the UP42 marketplace and infrastructure. Access a global collection of data and analytics, and automate workflows from your project API key to feed into agricultural apps and services.


Drive Business Value

Maximize harvest and minimize losses by using data to drive agricultural business decisions. Know when to harvest and where to fertilize. Gain competitive insight with advanced analytics and uncover relationships in data that add value to the bottom line.


Increase Efficiency and Sustainability

Optimize fertilization and irrigation to reach sustainability goals, meet compliance standards, and increase yield while minimizing waste. Set up notifications for changes in your area of interest (AOI) and respond proactively, not reactively.

Crop Monitoring

Observe fields and monitor crop progress and health.

Precision Agriculture

Enhance farming efficiency and increase sustainability through targeted management of agricultural land.

Climate Change

Access and analyze dynamic information on global environmental indicators related to climate change.

Natural Disasters

Gain actionable insights for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.

UP42 for Agriculture

Grow more with real-time, reliable information for agriculture. Looking for specific imagery? Access satellite tasking with UP42.

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