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Build solutions that enable your customers to measure the impacts of climate change, monitor destructive activity, and predict geological risks.

Geospatial projects in environmental protection face a number of challenges

Vast areas of interest

Vast areas of interest

As much as 30% of the Earth's surface is covered by rainforest, which speaks to the sheer volume of imagery, which must be monitored to protect vital environmental resources.

Many influencing factors

Many influencing factors

From human activity to changing landscapes to meteorological warning signs, projects aiming to protect the natural environment must monitor and combine many data sources.

Unprecedented events

Unprecedented events

With an extreme acceleration of unpredictable natural events, it isn't easy to perform accurate historical analysis to inform decisions and make predictions in environmental protection projects.


Environmental Protection

Build geospatial projects for environmental protection

Access optical and radar satellite data alongside weather data and machine-learning algorithms, enabling you to build solutions that monitor the environment and predict extreme events.

  • Access a vast library of archive imagery or task a satellite
  • Process imagery with change detection or predictive analytics
  • Feed prediction results or imagery into your products via API

Use case spotlight

Monitor deforestation to assess environmental risks or regulatory infringement

High-resolution satellite imagery

Access a vast library of archive Pleiades imagery and task a satellite at regular intervals, guaranteeing high-quality capture at a low cloud coverage.

Deforestation mapping

Assess the area of deforestation from one satellite image to another to get ongoing insights into the level of deforestation in your area of interest.

Automate and integrate insights

Use our Python SDK to automate and scale analysis, parallelizing jobs for large AOIs and seamlessly integrating insights into your own tools via API.


Additional environmental protection use cases built with UP42


The building blocks for environmental protection solutions

Archive and tasked imagery

Archive and tasked imagery

Access a vast archive of optical and radar satellite imagery, alongside future tasked imagery at up to a 0.5 m resolution.

Weather data and more

Weather data and more

Utilize 1000 near-real-time weather and Ocean parameters from Meteomatics and time-series data for water bodies from Terra Cover.

Pre-processing and analytics

Pre-processing and analytics

Process your data with Raster Tiling and other pre-processing capabilities. Run that analytics-ready data through a range of machine-learning models.

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