Monitor and Optimize Maritime Activity

With satellite imagery and algorithms, AIS data, and 1000 weather parameters, UP42 enables you to track, predict, and optimize maritime activity on a global scale.

Maritime geospatial projects face a number of challenges

Wide-ranging data types

Wide-ranging data types

More so than any other industry, maritime is impacted by many variables, from weather to different ship routes. Integrating this array of data types requires vast expertise.

Vast areas of interest

Vast areas of interest

The ocean covers 70% of the Earth's surface. As a result, maritime activity tracking can require analysis covering thousands or even millions of square kilometers.

Real-time nature of decisions

Real-time nature of decisions

Maritime conditions can change in an instant. Therefore, geospatial data and the insights derived from geospatial analysis must be near-real-time.



Build geospatial products for maritime

Combine AIS data, weather and ocean parameters, satellite imagery, and cutting-edge algorithms to monitor and improve vessel, port, and open water activity.

  • Access vessel location and tracks, alongside satellite imagery
  • Augment your analysis with almost 1000 weather parameters
  • Automate and integrate insights into your products via API

Use case spotlight

Monitor and understand vessel activity anywhere in the world

SPOT optical imagery and AIS data

Easily access OneAtlas SPOT imagery, combined with the most accurate AIS data in the market from exactEarth.

Ship detection and identification

Leverage machine-learning algorithms that draw on both satellite imagery and AIS data, providing insights on ship location, type, and more.

Combine insights via our API

Don't just monitor vessel activity but truly understand it by bringing together disparate insights on ship location, vessel type, weather data, and more via API.


Additional maritime use cases built with UP42


The building blocks for maritime solutions

Widest range of maritime data

Widest range of maritime data

With industry-leading partners, such as exactEarth and Meteomatics, UP42 is the most comprehensive maritime data marketplace.

Pre-processing algorithms

Pre-processing algorithms

Leverage free UP42 blocks, such as Raster Tiling, to prepare your data for further analysis in machine learning models.

Machine-learning algorithms

Machine-learning algorithms

Specialist out-of-the-box maritime algorithms, such as ship detection, enable you to get from maritime data to actionable insights in seconds.

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