Plan, construct, and monitor oil and gas pipelines

From the detection of oil seeps to the efficient construction to monitoring pipelines, UP42 provides the tools you build oil & gas solutions.

Geospatial projects in OGME face a number of challenges

Wide-ranging data types

Wide-ranging data types

Pipelines and their successful construction is dependent on staying up to date with a wide range of variables from encroachment to extreme weather to elevation.

Vast areas of interest

Vast areas of interest

Oil and gas pipeline infrastructure can span countries or even continents. Getting regular, consistent, affordable data for such vast areas is a challenge.

Life and death circumstances

Life and death circumstances

Oil and gas infrastructure failure can have wide-reaching, catastrophic consequences. As a result, end-users of oil and gas geospatial products demand reliability and accuracy.


Oil, Gas, Minerals, and Energy

Build geospatial products for OGME

Combine high-resolution satellite and radar imagery, weather parameters, elevation data, and cutting-edge algorithms to monitor and optimize oil and gas activity on land and sea.

  • Access all the data you need in one geospatial marketplace
  • Process your data with industry-leading algorithms
  • Build with confidence on tried-and-tested scalable infrastructure

Use case spotlight

Remotely monitor and mitigate risk to pipeline infrastructure

High-resolution imagery and weather data

Monitor assets using high-resolution, high-revisit-rate satellites to provide recent imagery of assets. Augment analysis with 1000 weather parameters.

Change detection and risk prediction

Detect change to areas surrounding pipeline infrastructure and implement alert systems for high-risk weather conditions.

Integrate into pipeline alert systems

Use our toolkit to seamlessly integrate data and processing outputs into existing or new geospatial products and early warning systems.


Additional OGME use cases built with UP42


The building blocks for OGME solutions

Varied data types

Varied data types

Our marketplace offers various open and commercial data sets from satellite, radar, and aerial imagery to AIS and ocean data.

Pre-processing algorithms

Pre-processing algorithms

Enhance image quality, convert input data, or clip raster images into tiles to ensure that your input image is ready for further analysis.

Machine-learning algorithms

Machine-learning algorithms

Process satellite data with change detection and object detection algorithms to monitor change, make recommendations, and forecast risk.

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