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Monitor and Manage Land Use

Understand activity in urban, rural, and forest locations to inform and optimize land management decisions that have major impacts on life and the environment.

Geospatial projects in land use and management face a number of challenges

Vast data requirements

Vast data requirements

From rainforests to cities, land management generally requires the monitoring of extensive areas. This typically results in compromises to either budget or spatial resolution.

Regular image requirements

Regular image requirements

To effectively monitor and manage land use, from patterns of life in cities to illegal deforestation, frequent image capture is key to making quick, effective decisions.

Very large areas to analyze

Very large areas to analyze

Manual interpretation of imagery isn't feasible when the areas of interest are hundreds of kilometers. Analytics must be applied to gather insights that are timely and actionable.

Land Use and Management

Build geospatial projects for land use and management

Apply a range of pre-processing and analytical capabilities to high-resolution commercial or satellite data to build solutions for deforestation mapping, urban planning, and more.

  • Access a vast library of archive imagery or task a satellite
  • Process imagery with change or object detection algorithms
  • Feed prediction results or imagery into your products via API

Use case spotlight

Monitor deforestation to assess environmental risks or regulatory infringement

High-resolution satellite imagery

Access a vast library of archive Pleiades imagery and task a satellite at regular intervals, guaranteeing high-quality capture at a low cloud coverage.

Deforestation mapping

Assess the area of deforestation from one satellite image to another to get ongoing insights into the level of deforestation in your area of interest.

Automate and integrate insights

Use our Python SDK to automate and scale analysis, parallelizing jobs for large AOIs and seamlessly integrating insights into your own tools via API.


The building blocks for land use and management solutions

Scalable imagery pricing

Scalable imagery pricing

Access a range of commercial and open data sets for free or with usage-based pricing to maintain affordability for large AOIs.

Pre-processing capabilities

Pre-processing capabilities

Enhance image quality, convert input data, or clip raster images into tiles to ensure that your input image is ready for further analysis.

Machine-learning algorithms

Machine-learning algorithms

Automatically map deforestation, detect vehicles or buildings, analyze change, and more with out-of-the-box machine-learning algorithms.

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