Land Management

Optimize land use zoning and urban planning, access cadastre or parcel data, monitor land conservation and pollution.


Harness local data and trends to inform resource planning and improve land cover mapping

Land management institutions often struggle to keep up with the age of digital transformation and big data. It’s now possible to harness the power of UP42 to utilize data and save time and money while maximizing resources.

Identify new construction and settlements with easily automatable workflows. Detect land cover changes that may conflict with zoning using AI analytics. With high resolution data at your fingertips, detect encroachment on a protected area. Make data-driven decisions and improve response times to derive value and safeguard precious resources.


Add Value and Gain Insight

Protect people, property, the environment, and reputation with advanced monitoring capabilities on UP42. Detect land cover changes over an area of interest (AOI) with as little as two images. Increase land parcel data or zoning assessment accuracy. Assess trends and indicators to uncover land value when planning.


Mitigate Risk and Maintain Compliance

Know if and when encroachment is an issue and monitor illegal construction without implementing sensors, fences, or guards. React proactively and not reactively. Easily access the freshest data with satellite tasking and be notified of changes over your AOI. Use UP42’s scalable and secure infrastructure to manage data with peace of mind.


Increase Efficiency and Sustainability

Increase overall logistical efficiency with data-informed decision making and easily share insights among teams on a project level. Monitor pollution levels, deforestation, agricultural runoff, and more to uncover urgent sustainability and conservation issues that need addressing.

Crop Monitoring

Observe fields and monitor crop progress and health.


Use satellite imagery to identify forest and habitat loss, determine tree type, and monitor risk indicators of deforestation

Detect Encroachment

Use UP42 to proactively monitor areas and automatically detect encroachment. Assess risk and prevent losses to assets by increasing your situational awareness.

Humanitarian Crises

Track humanitarian crises around the world and respond with timely and targeted aid.

Natural Disasters

Gain actionable insights for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.

UP42 for Land Management

Enable data transformation and streamline resource planning in Land Management