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From observing urban growth and crop health to monitoring deforestation and ice thickness—discover insights that are tailored to your needs.

Use Cases by Vertical


Remotely monitor fields for crop identification and health, yield estimation, disaster assessment, and precision crop care for water, nutrients, and pests.

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Land Management

Optimize land use zoning and urban planning, access cadastre or parcel data, monitor land conservation and pollution.

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Remotely manage and monitor infrastructure. Sharpen location strategy, detect encroachment, streamline AECOO services, and manage utilities.

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Monitor and manage forests. Verify land cover, forecast timber yields, detect deforestation, and assess forest health.

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Strengthen and automate insurance analysis for indexes, risk mitigation, claim verification, and fraud prevention.

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Monitor ships and cargo, detect illegal fishing and traffic, manage assets and costs. and identify and mitigate risks.

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Oil, Gas, Minerals and Energy

Manage all stages of resource extraction from upstream to downstream. Find oil seeps, survey reserves, monitor pipelines, and mitigate risks.

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Count cars, trucks, and planes to uncover logistical patterns, monitor and plan roads and rail, access public transit data, and improve transportation management.

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Real Estate

Discover housing trends and market insights. Identify regional wealth and growth metrics for housing and retail spatial analysis.

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