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Build intelligent solutions to increase crop yields, effectively manage field use, and save resources in an industrial farming environment.Learn more

Environmental Protection

Build solutions that enable your customers to measure the impacts of climate change, monitor destructive activity, and predict geological risks.Learn more

Infrastructure & Utilities

Build solutions to remotely manage, monitor, and optimize critical, high-value infrastructure, such as pipelines and utilities.Learn more

Insurance and Financial Services

Geospatial data and analytics can enable intelligent, data-driven investment decisions by identifying risks, trends, and opportunities.Learn more

Land Use and Management

Understand activity in urban, rural, and forest locations to inform and optimize land management decisions that have major impacts on life and the environment.Learn more


With satellite imagery and algorithms, AIS data, and 1000 weather parameters, UP42 enables you to track, predict, and optimize maritime activity on a global scale.Learn more

Oil, Gas, Minerals, and Energy

From the detection of oil seeps to the efficient construction to monitoring pipelines, UP42 provides the tools you build oil & gas solutions.Learn more

Real Estate

From construction to investment opportunities, geospatial data and analytics can enable intelligent, data-driven decision making in the real estate industry.Learn more


Build solutions that enable global transportation networks to run smoothly, efficiently, and as planned by monitoring and detecting anomalies.Learn more

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